Friday, February 02, 2007

Always some fresh hell

Greig has Bui and Bui's friend Denis home from school this week so he is putting them to work removing all the old braided wiring.("progress). They were stoked at the idea of playing with the big bolt cutters and getting money at the scrap dealers for it all.

I came home, with groceries seeing a much loathed ventilation fan sitting askew on the back deck. I did a little dance. Ooooh I thought...finally that monster is out!!

"Don't get too excited," said Steve, knowing full well the fresh hell I was about to face.

All the food was pulled off the shelves, rotten bits of wood, paint chips and metal dust covered everything. That was at 7pm.

It took me until just before 9pm to get it cleaned up and the groceries put away. Now on to dinner...

Steve, always a trooper, repaired the external wall to which said fan was affixed, slapped up some make do shelving so I could put all our huge spice/herb containers back, and he cooked dinner.

YES HE IS SINGLE, though I am not entirely sure why...Probably just picky. He's handy, very handsome, always cheerful and optimistic and he cooks too! (More on the great Steve McD soon...)

I really gotta start some kind of dating blog for all the great single guys that I live with. Some girls are missing out.

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