Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lights, check; toilet, check..

We were having issues with the switches and the GFI outlet. On the weekend, Mr. Billyard and I got it all sorted out.

Yea for us!

Plus we got the toilet installed. It wasn't without trial and tribulation as I had tried to do it myself and dropped one of the closet bolts down the drain. So off to the Depot for yet another hardware item. I really have to go through all those receipts and take the time to enter their survey to win that $1000 bucks they say I have a chance of winning. (Add that to the "list").

I was pretty happy to
install my vintage light fixture. I had installed it in the bathroom at my apartment some time ago and decided this would be a perfect spot for the fixture.

I have the vanity and have to put it together. I have been debating over tile or formica and drawn to this pretty slate that reminds me of the rocky beaches on Kootenay Lake. Lots of mica in the rocks. My friend Carmen and I went to the Burnaby Home Depot tonight and she echoed my entheusiasim for the tiles I had in mind. They have lots of these tiles as the Richmond Depot seems short so maybe I will hit it all on pay day and pick them up.

New vanity, new faucets...it is all so exciting! The toilet is now working too and we have been using the shower for a couple of weeks


Greg and Jamie said...

My GOD, I get busy with work for a few days, neglect to check in, and LOOKIT YOU GO! You've been a busy girl!! And blogging the whole time! I remain truly impressed.

This isn't just cause Lil Ol' Me is coming to visit this weekend, is it? I'll give you a holler Sat when we're in Vanc and see what your schedule permits. WOW! Can't wait to see it.

bowiechick said...

Nah...we're always this stupidly busy. I can't possibly write about everything! Besides, I have lots of BEFORE pics and the AFTERS haven't been shot yet much less completed.

Remember, no "three-inch-tangerine-patent-leather-superhero- Go-Go boots". Sensible shoes prevail!

See you soon!

Tim Zim said...

It's looking great.

The smallest things, once they are complete, are sooo satisfying.