Monday, February 12, 2007

Nothing says "I love you" like a Plasma cutter

Last week, Greig had sent me to the Depot to get more blades for the sawzall. As I was coming over the road he called me back on the cell.

G:"Where are you?"

Me: "Up top at the gate."



G: "I need you to pick up a new sawzall. I just blew up the other one."

It takes him forever to cut through those metal bulkheads and we need to remove the old fuel tanks. They are gross and rusty and the plasma cutter will cut through that much more cleanly than with the welder and faster than anything else. After a couple of hours on the sawzall the repetitive strain really gets at the hands and wrists.

It was on sale this week at KMS Tools out in Coquitlam. I'll have to take Greig there again. He'll find
his inner child there. Again.

So it is our Valentines/birthday present for each other and our crew. Here's Dave playing with the new tool and testing it out on the old fuel tank.

Happy V-day!

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