Monday, February 12, 2007

Some wedgies you just can't dislodge

We've had these two logs stuck under the boomstick dock for a week or two now. Pushing on them with the pike pole is unsuccessful. Tony, the our log salvage guy here on the Mitchell Island Slough came by with his bigger boat to give a yank on them.

The log on the right appears longer as it comes out from the underside of the boomstick dock and I can see it submerged beneath the bow of the Partnership.The Partnership's bow isn't in danger as it is in between the pontoons and the hull is steel.

When we stick the pole in between the logs we can feel they are connected with a deck so it appears to be an overturned dock.

It isn't moving. It did move from sitting on a left diagonal to now sitting on a right diagonal and is no longer under the bow of the Partnership.Greig is going to attempt to hook the anchor winch up to it and see if that can dislodge it at all.

And it is always fun doing this in the pouring rain. It stopped when we were done. Funny how that works.

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