Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Too much to do: an update...

Items completed :
1. Cut out and remove the old wire in the upper bow suite (Marcus’s old room) to make way for more spray foam insulation. CHECK

2. Make way in Mark’s room (below Marcus’s room) for spray foam there too. CHECK

5. Install new toilet on Partnership and sort out switches and outlets in bathroom. CHECK

6. Move my computer off old bedroom on the Bowie to the Partnership. CHECK

7. Sort closet on Partnership and make room for ALL our clothes. CHECK

20. Make new docks. well...more dock fixin’ (see #22)

21. Delegate the kids to sort the videos/dvds to put back on the shelves on the stack.

22. Tidy the plywood decking and re-screw it down to lay more anti-skid/slip material (aka chicken wire).

26. Fix the back stairs. Again for the umpteethtime. Throw some chicken wire on them. (Still have to
do the chicken wire...) Mostly CHECKED!

37. Firewood!! (never ending...)

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