Sunday, February 25, 2007

An update on the Sand Castle

Since Dave abandoned the Sand Castle, Steve took it over. Over these last few months, Steve's been doing a huge amount to clean up to it. Some 60 bags of garbage later, a couple of apartment-sized freezers, small fridges, at least one couch (though I think there were two) and umpteen trips to the dump later he finally could turn around in the thing.

I mentioned to him a couple of weeks ago that we should head down to the Mariner's Xchange in Steveston and have a boo at all the used merchandise in there. Currently, he's been using ceramic and a few other space heaters to stay warm. I suggested he find a Dickenson's.

Voila! Steve was tickled pink as they say. A bit rusty and in need of some elbow grease, for $60 it was PERFECT! Although I don't think he was familar with the name, it was just what he wanted in terms of size and shape. And he intends to use biodiesel in it. Yea!!

This is not it's final resting place. After I took this shot they heaved it down a hatch to below decks. Last update had him and Greig futzing with fuel lines and Greig grumbling about needing wine since Steve had no more beer. I'd best go water those horses.

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