Sunday, February 25, 2007

A visit to Finn Slough

A trip to Steveson coudn't be called a trip without checking in on Finn Slough.

Established in 1890s by Finnish settlers in the south Richmond area, the homes are built on stilts and boats sit high and dry in the mud during low tide. It is a neat place and I know they have often as not had to defend their turf from those in authority. Historically and biologically significant it is a little jewel on the mighty Fraser as it winds it way out to the Gulf of Georgia.
The Dinner Plate Island School
I love the bike on the roof! Oh, wait...we do that.

How perfect to be able to pull your boat up
in front of your house? Oh, wait...we do that too.Who doesn't like mermaids?
"I think we'll have to wait for the tide to change..."

Looking westward down the Slough.

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