Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm literally sick of this rain.

Well it is Vancouver. It is what the place is known for after all. Still, hope this lion goes out like a lamb. Seems like the rain this year has been a bit relentless. I have set up the table saw on the back deck of the Partnership for cutting up scrap wood from the renos on various vessels and from the yard. At least I can keep partially dry there. Also, Dave bought himself a fifth wheel and has been gutting that so it's scrap has made its way down for processing as well. It all helps as some of the firewood we pull out of the river is a bit soggy and in need of some encouragement to burn. I never seem to get through it though. Greig assures me there will be an end to it. Must. Keep. Faith!

The river is awfully muddy these days. The tide was pretty high this morning and it felt like I was walking down the ramp to the beach. OYI if the freshet gets out of control like they suspect well I would think we'll definitely
have flooding on Mitchell Road. (We'll have to park over on the South Van slope and Greig will have to ferry me over on the skiff to the Vancouver side so I can commute to work in that eventuality). The Province Newspaper had a week-long series on the potential flooding and there have been periodic articles about it over the last year or two. It is not if it is WHEN. It is said that the snowpack is the highest since the mid-fifties. (My info bears correction to give you the exact date). We'll be watching for the houses coming at us.

Sunday, whilst I was sick as a dog with that food-poisioning-like bug that is floating around, Dave also tried to weld some barrels together for more docks. And in the spirit of "no-good-deed-going-unpunished," the poor guy dropped the welder into the river WHILST it was plugged in and running. Thank goodness he didn't fall in with it. He managed to pull it back out and a few hours later discovered that it was working just fine. Phew! It is an oldie-but-a-goodie I guess. If it was newer model it probably would not have survived the plunge.

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rob said...

I guess he immediately blew a fuse? the "welder" not the welder :o)) That was very lucky! it goes without saying that one must be very carefull with power tools near the water! a chap I once of "lost" his wife, who dropped a sander into the water from the boat and then reached into the water to save it, the fuse (a six inch nail or similar) didnt blow!!!! Use great care with power tools and water (Christ! I do sound like a prophet of doom dont I? but I feel that a quiet reminder is very often needed in my case anyway!as I am the worst offender! sorry) :o))