Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bridgette the duck and other wild beasties

This is Bridgette. She's adopted us. I think she allowed me to take this particular shot as this was her "best" side. Isn't she pretty?

Living here on the riparian zone of the river we see loads of wildlife: ducks, geese, seagulls, finches, eagles, blue herons, otters, beavers, racoons, barn swallows and even seals from time to time. Most of the time they choose to ignore us but this girl seems to like us. Especially Scott.

Well, he likes her too and will sit on the dock and talk to her and Max, her partner, and toss wild birdseed mix at them. She comes close to me too but Scotty is her man!

The other day, Scott was paddling about in the skiff (he couldn't get the engine restarted) and was coming around the bow of the Bowie and was off the Partnership's port bow and where was Bridgette? Paddling right along side of him. Also that day Scott said he was over on the Sea Ferring with the Brothers' Mclean and she flew up onto the deck too. Crazy chick. (Maybe she's a stalker...we're quite familiar with those.)

Tonight I tried to take a picture of the beaver but my camera's flash just doesn't have the jam. We think they have a hole/home somewhere along or underneath the docks. They are always out here at night and I often hear them gnawing away on something.

We're also eagerly awaiting the return of the barn swallows. I thought I heard them the other morning but I haven't been dive bombed yet. Whee!

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