Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Great Canadian Shore Cleanup

Jack has signed up our area here in the Great Canadian Shore Cleanup. (Scroll down to Richmond and click on Mitchell Island Beaver pond.) The satellite image isn't up to date but the big thing IS the Bowie.

Officially it is taking place in September but since the marina move we've a bit more accessiblity to the shore line and we've been wanting to clean up along it for some time now. There is lots of overspill of gravel from Allied Cement as well as since Mitchell Island is all industrial, there is lots of metal and junk that can be cleaned up.

Greig, Dave, Mark Q, Scott and Brock were over there yesterday, teaming up the shore a bit. They are salvaging some steel ties and other stuff. Dave said there was a huge chunk of 1/4" checkerplate steel that he will repurpose for the Meat Locker. Some of the steel ties he can also use for a hoist to clean out the muck of the barge.

They've cut the tops off the old wooden pilings that are there and will be looking for some tin to cover the tops of the pilings as these aren't covered. Greig wants to run some docks along and connect to these pilings too.

At any rate, all work is dictated by the tides.