Sunday, April 22, 2007

He found his inner seven-year-old

He's 74 years young and this was his first time on a go-cart. Greig, Bui, Dosha, Dad and I all went for a much needed toot around the track.

I guess we never went when my brother and I were kids. Not that I can ever recall. Mum probably thought it was too dangerous and we'd end up dead or something overly protective and paranoid.

At first he wasn't going to go, "Thought it would be silly" for an "old-fart" like him.

Look at him! He's having such a great time!

So you're never too young to find your inner child.


rob said...

My sort of guy!

Tineke said...

Hey Tana

I just came across your message on my blog and I was like . . . ohmygosh, it's been a long time. It's been great reading through some of your adventures! I hope all is well for you and I'd love to touch base via email or something. Take care!