Thursday, April 19, 2007

The other day...

My Mum and Dad are back in town for their annual visit to see us.We were about to go out to the store to get a few last minute things for dinner, but we just had to move a barge. Ever have that problem too?

On Easter Sunday when the barge arrived, they had stuck it at the west end of the complex. Dave and Greig pumped out quite a bit of muck using the fire pump to loosen up the slit inside and the trash pump to get it out again. That fire pump works just as good if not better than a pressure washer apparently. So, when the planet and tide aligned themselves for this, off they went.

In the skiff with Greig is Roger and on the barge with Dave is Troy.

Here they are starting to make the turn around the bow of the Bowie. They had a bit of a devil of a time trying to bring it across the current as it was ripping in a bit from the other part of the channel. Ooh lookit that dramatic sky!

Oooh, are they gonna make the turn?

Its gonna be close...

Don't hit the Partnership...careful!

Steve was on the breezeway of the Partnership and all was fine.

Here's Dave doing a little dance and cheer. The #17 Meat Locker can sit here on the beach and when the tide goes out he can attend to its issues: nominal and easy to fix with his skills.

OK, Mum, now we can go to the store.


Greg and Jamie said...

Great photo-story, lady! That's too awesome! I think I'm glad I "outed" you, 'cause now we get to see all of your cool pictures!!!

rob said...

Really great effort ! what a find. now for the thickness detection! and a few hours welding Presumably starting with the bottom? What are the plans for her? something like the partnership?

bowiechick said...

The barge is only about 20 years old and had been sitting where Dave found it for about five years as I understand. All the water in it was rain water as the levels inside the tanks remained consistent with the tides.

Someone had tried to salvage it before but tried to do so WITHOUT pumping the water out. As a result one of the railings got ripped off.

Dave currently on the hunt for insulated shipping containers to stack on it and convert the whole thing into a float home. He has some great ideas for it.

And Jamie, "outings" aside, it so helps to finally have the digital and also be PRESENT when this stuff is ACTUALLY going on so I can document it all.

This stuff happens all the time. Wait till I get a chance to talk about THIS week.