Tuesday, May 29, 2007

He just can't help himself

Ok, there are a couple of things going on here.

The outboard is Roger's, in the light blue shirt on the left, and yes, the motor fell in.

But between Roger, Greig and Steve they pulled it out again. I missed it all as I was out on the milk run. Thanks again to Karen O for the pics.

The other thing is the boat they are in. Yup, it is new, to us. Greig is getting our pal Randy's old outboard which is getting serviced at Lordship Marine and he swung by there yesterday. This boat was there on its trailer and it followed him home. Marc Q wants to buy the Green Goblin and, well, it was $200 ON THE TRAILER and all the lights on the trailer WORK! Its nice and stable and the plan WAS to put Roger's outboard so runs to the beach should be about a half hour. The Goblin is a thirsty dude and we have no trailer for it.

Supervising at the back is Steve's pal Greg from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. (We call him Greg 2 since Carpenter Greg has temporarily relocated to Lions Bay for work.)

Sheesh, Marcus was right. This is the Ark. Two Marks, two Karens, two Gregs...If we get another Tana I swear to god I am buying $500 in Super 7 tickets.

Now we'll have to come up with a name for this new one. Its blue, very stable and lacking seating of any kind. Any suggestions?

Oh and apparently there is another one, aluminum on a trailer for $500. Needs work but...


rob said...

You all, absolutely amaze me! you are always up to something constructive and beneficial to "the community" what a great bunch you really are! how about "seatless sal" for the blueboat name!

bowiechick said...

Oh that is a good one!

Others in the running:
1. Just too much
2. My boat addiction

rob said...

How about "One too little?"
or "Gigi" (Gas guzzler):o))

Nice to be able to get about quickly if you need to though!

Blondie said...

Howz abouts "Bottoms Up"?