Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey! Who's bright idea was it to park that Lightship there?

Oh ya, it was Greig's!

We knew Kent was coming with the Lightship. It is the same length as the Bowie and is a bit heavier.Ok, lots 500 tons heavy.

I arrived home to see my wee float house tied up way up and away from the rest of the boats.Brock paddled me over so I could get changed into my grubby clothes as that beast was comin' in. It wasn't coming down the river very far and Kent and Mary had hired two tugs for the adventure.

It went of quite well. Well, except for the fact that Dave's welder, my green Hitatchi drill and Greig's big grinder somehow got knocked off the Meat Locker and ended up in the drink.
So Dave didn't have a good day. I am disappointed about the drill - I didn't even know it was over there either. However, the silver lining is that Mark Q says he can fix the welder as he is a whiz -bang with resistors, capacitors and all things gidgy-widgty of that ilk. As long as he's got the parts he can fix it he figures.

There was probably about a dozen of us on hand to help guide it all in and get all the lines out and attached. When we brought the float house back, Greig wanted me to keep my view and in no way wanted it to be sitting BEHIND the Lightship should it let go and crush the floathouse. So we got me wedged as my rough illustration goes.

We got me re-connected with hydro and water and by the time I went to bed last night I was prepared to wake up for the bow of the Lightship to be crushing my stern. And
I was so darn tired I was a bit beyond caring.
However Greig, trooper and with the strength and fortitude of Hercules, stayed up all night to keep an eye on the ship and observed how it settled on the low tide. (It tilts out to port. Not good. Could be Bowie crushing.)
He finally came to bed at 6:15am and somehow managed to pull the ship back about 10-15 feet.

By himself. Yup, 500 tonnes, out there, by himself. That's my crazy Viking for you.

So here is my new "view." For those who aren't in the know the knobby thing on the black thing on the left is the Lightship and that's where it's anchor chain came out.

Yes, does it blocks all the natural light, thanks for asking. I feel though that I am now moored up all the way up river in New Westminster for all the hiking I have to do to get to the float house.

I think the Lightship could be moved further back to where the Kathy Ann is sitting in the lagoon. I know there will be lots of junk that will float under my hull and get wedged up against the dock between the ships and that won't be good at all. Plus the long dock behind can still be put ahead to process firewood and other stuff.

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