Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I was having sixty pink fits..

Which is not unlike a meltdown. Yesterday afternoon when I came home, I had great plans to do domestic stuff like making salad dressings, fruit salad and maybe some soup. Maybe I'd go as far as figuring out the how to light the pilot light on the Partnership's propane oven too and wouldn't that be neat! There's some sweet potatoes that are going meeting their Waterloo in my Roasted Garlic, Red Onion and Sweet Potato soup. I was going to do all of that AFTER I took an hour to have a cider and sit in the sun and read for a whole half hour or so.

Yah, that didn't happen. Greig was at work, Roger and Mark Q were hard at it prepping more docks for the Malacite to arrive for today.

Nurse Karen informs me that "Kent, (the owner of the Lightship #76) called, is bringing it by with a tug at 5pm tomorrow. Should take about 30 minutes to tow it over." (Side story: somebody rammed it last week. All for another posting however, so more about me.)

"AAACK!!!" There goes my evening.

I got in touch with Greig at work to warn him that the Lightship WAS in fact, coming tomorrow at 5pm. I did this as he usually has several plans to accomplish one task at anytime. Giving him ample warning enables him to think about things and come up with six different plans which he shares with half a dozen people individually so we're ALL well and truly confused.

He shared plan #1 with Roger and Mark Q.

He told me plan #2 and proceeded to throw me into a panic. Then I found out about plan #1 after I got off the phone I was confused and scared and further confused and scared about how to do plan #2 when I heard of plan #1.

It involved:

1. taking a really filthy, mud-encrusted line that is soggy and about 2" in diameter off Dave's "new" boathouse and replacing that with an equally difficult line to tie though not as filth but at least dry. Why I couldn't leave Old Muddy where it was and use Old Stiffy instead, I still don't quite understand but...

2. scrambling around for chain (no he doesn't know where any spare chain is off-hand just look around - akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.)

3.tie up to a tree on shore and then wrap around the stack on the Bowie where we've got at least 100 of open water between said points requiring several of us to string it over

4. dropping the two bow lines off the Bowie; disconnecting the internet and shore power cable off the Partnership from the Bowie and bringing the Partnership around to the port side bow of the Bowie. Then tie it off to the bow of the Bowie and to the docks Roger and Mark Q were in the process of building. No there is currently nothing to stand on their either, 'cos they haven't built that part yet.

5. Move the logs and detritus that has gathered in between the crap docks up forward between the bow of the Partnership and the Bowie.

6. doing this all RIGHT NOW, COS THE TIDE IS SLACK and we aren't going to get this opportunity again until tomorrow night when the lightship arrives. Quick, quick!

Namaste...deep and cleansing breath...please come to me.

To hell with #1, 2, 3, 4 and 6.

So chose #5... Where the heck is my pike pole now? Oh that isn't the one. Where is MINE dammit? Why can't people put things back when they use them? Oh that doesn't look at all safe to stand on that in my flip flops. Oh lookit that big rusty spike, nope there's three actually. Those will go through my foot quite nicely it will, it will. I just gotta stick the pole there...No I am not, It's entirely rotten that bit. How the hell can I hang on to that? Ok, I'll jump over there and pull on it. Oh my, that freshette is running hard isn't it? Ooh, there that's a nasty log, where did those log salvage guys go who were just buzzing about? Typical men, never there when they'll be of USE...grumble, grumble, bitch, bitch....Oh there are two big stumps in there! I can't get those out! OYI my shoulder!!


"Well I didn't mean for you to do all of it! You just want to know what is going on and I think you can do anything but that doesn't mean you HAVE to." He tells me an hour or so later with me on the verge of tears.


So I then opted to do what I actually felt capable of doing which was hauling on the other logs and stuff that had gathered against a dock all of which will be in the way for tomorrow (today).

Soon, I had Roger, Mark, Nurse Karen, Troy and Steve hauling out logs that would make friends the Husqavarna. We pulled out one beast that was about 30-40 feet long and had only about a foot out of the water. With a rope and pole it took four of us to pull it out in three sections.

I had to avert my eyes as Roger cut it up with the chainsaw. Barefoot.

Nothing like the thought of someone losing a foot to top it all off.

I finally just decided closed my eyes until it was over. Just a typical day around here.


Greg and Jamie said...

Good lord, woman! I turn my head for a moment from the blogging universe and you've come up with, what, one? No, TWO new boats, or does that make THREE with Dave's? I swear, someone needs to keep an eye on you guys at all times!! You do make me laugh...

Blondie said...

Well, I guess I know what you were doing when I rang tonight. Please come over when you have a free moment so I can take care of YOU for once. Friday? Can I entice you with a nice vintage and some homemade hummus?

ps. Where the hell did you find time to blog?!?

rob said...

Whoa!the fact that you would attempt what most stronger more capable persons wouldn`t, and alone, is amazing. You are certainly game! just another day at home eh? wow! more power to your elbow gal,:o)) Greig you have a priceless one there, but then you know that.

bowiechick said...

Rob, yer a doll. We've never met but thanks for being such a positive force in the universe.