Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lightship revealed

OK...TA DA!! Here are some of the best pictures of our tour through Lightship #76. She is a mess but not a mess like the Bowie was. Now THAT was a MESS. I think it is pretty cool that it is one of the three oldest lightships left. Coming around the bow.

A view from the bow, looking east up the Fraser River.

The wheelhouse

The wheelhouse window frames are brass, as are the buckets they slide into. Don't know if that is the correct term for those things. Someone correct me if I am wrong. I am sure there is some fancy shmancy nautical name that goes with those.

Behold the lovely wodden map table. The Bowie's was similar but made of steel. We took it apart to make more room for Dosha as on the Bowie it is her bedroom.

A little vignette.

Decrepit lifeboat

The windlass, which is about the size of a Volkswagon.

The interior of a section of the salon. Same brass portholes as on the Bowie.

Behind this wall is a bathroom. Note the lovely curved wood panels. Some parts are rotten but worth salvaging or re-doing.

Another steel wall on the main salon level.

Steve and Kent entering the Rudder room. The decks above are currently open to the elements.

Rudder room, note the hole in the steel in the middle of the picture. It only seems to have a few cancer spots.

A bunch of crap in a room that sits below the rudder room. Memories of the Bowie here but no where near so bad.

Checking out the Engine room, the heads are currently off the engine, I recall it is a V8 Catapiller that has replaced the original steam engine. Note all the natural light coming in from above.

The Hercules compressor

Hmmm...can't remember where this room was but the panelling is in good shape.


Tim Zim said...

Looks ok to me.

IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...


Andrew Tognola said...

My boat the Strathspey looks like a rowing boat compared to some of these !!!!


Anonymous said...

As a Machinist Mate on LV76 (WAL504) in the mid 50's, it is interesting to see some of the photos. The restroom ("head") photo was the officer's head amd adjactent to it was the cook's stateroom.
It's too bad the orginal 2 cylinder steam engine is no longer there to see - 300 HP! (at 155 PSI) steam pressure.