Monday, May 21, 2007

Oops, we did it again!

Really, we weren't looking to get another boat. It just fell into our lap quite literally...
Behold the Dos Amores. Summer is sure gonna be fun this year! Here it is in False Creek at the end of our day's cruise.

We took it out for a test sail today. We were a bit afraid we wouldn't make it under the the Knight Street Bridge or the Arthur Liang Bridge over by the airport but lo the tide was low enough and we made it.

Dosamore has some issues but unlike many of the vessels in our fleet it actually RUNS! WHEE!!

We hauled up the jib about a 1/4 mile off of Wreck Beach and up went the main too. Not much wind today but at least the clouds burnt off and we had a bit of sun. It was a pretty exciting trip for some of our had to nap it off along the way.
Pictured above are: Karen 1, Pearl, Dosha, Mikalea and Denis (friend of Bui's)
Nurse Karen and Roger The Quesnelle Family, or as we call them, the Ewoks: Mark 2, Jineah, Mikalea, and JJ (with Pearl our helmsman in the back ground). BTW, these kids have rockets tied to their backsides. (Talk about it takin' a village...)
Denis, Bui, Dosha, JJ and Greig on the bow as we're coming out of the mouth of the Fraser down by the Booming Grounds.
Weary crew, taking a much needed nap on the deck.


rob said...

Lovely looking traditional vessel is she steel or ferro! Just imagine her under full sail and completly refurbed ( if one ever does completely refurbish anything)what a sight! World here we come! eh? :o))I shouldn`t encourage you both should I? you have enough on your plate dont you? but just one more wouldn`t hurt. :o)) Nice project.

Tim Zim said...

Ha ha, good one!