Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rhianna, the goddess

Most days, especially recently, I feel sore all over. I tend to not take care of myself as well as I should and when I don't I get exceptionally bitchy. It's no one's fault but my own. I push and push myself as I feel my responsibilities keenly. We've a lot on our plate, ridiculously so. I admit thought that I am a workaholic.

I have had rotator cuff issues in my right shoulder for a while and with all the wood splitting it exacerbated it as well as flared up some carpal tunnel in the wrists. The carpal tunnel is new but not surprising given how much I am on a computer. Old figure skating injuries to the tail bone has given me some chronic pain in my sitting bones, the right one to be precise. Tendinitis of the hiney. Nice eh?

Rhianna the Goddess, and friend of Dave the Mad Canadian, is a Registered Massage Therapist. She gave me a very long massage (three whole hours!!) and loosed up a great deal of stiffness. I always feel so sore on the right side as the left side is blocked and stiff and therefore my right does all the work gets overtired and sore. I have been going to physiotherapy and the massaged loosened up stuff to help with the physio. My physiotherapist therapist really made me cry the other day and this left shoulder has felt like a huge weight for days.

Rhianna, I love you and thank you!

Clearly though I need to invent a better apparatus for
I am icing my wrists and shoulder like crazy. I think I have to make some kind of pack that I can stick a zip lock bag into, with velcro to wrap around the shoulder and arm so I can be hands free to keep working. I keep trying to back to the Vedic and into yoga again. I find it is the best thing to keep me aligned and helps with my energy and pain managment. Most days, I feel pecked to death by ducks and it is impossible for me to get over there.

See, even when I am trying to do nothing the brain is zipping along, giving me new chores/projects to do.


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brooklet said...

I'm picturing you chopping wood with this ziplock bag/velcro/ice pack strapped to your shoulder and it's making me giggle!