Saturday, May 26, 2007

So pretty

There's been some dock building goin' on.

So nice to not navigate semi-submerged things that just happen to be floating on the water.

Dave 1, Steve, Mark 2, Troy, Brock, Greig and a few others have been at it for the last week or two.

Tick, tock...its all getting better.


Tim Zim said...


How big, and wide, are those planks, and what did you put underneath to float them.

I'm curious as I think I'll need to make myself something like that.



bowiechick said...

OK Tim!

I will take some pictures for you so you can see how these came together.
The boys are going to be building some more.

I'm ON IT!

Tim Zim said...


Greg and Jamie said...

Those are seriously stylin' docks...get your Go-Go boots ready, girls!