Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tales of the bedraggled cat

This picture was taken at dusk, but you get the idea. Tobias, my orange and white cat, ok he is really grey more than white, is stalking Bridgette and Max, our resident ducks.

We were all having a good giggle at Tobi's expense as he was getting into the crouch and quite overtly stalking the ducks.

"Tobi," we told him, "You don't have a chance as that river's running fast and you're a lousy swimmer."

Still in all it was entertaining as the ducks were kind of taunting him too and amusing the humans who held the birdseed. This was happening early Saturday evening before the big jam session of Saturday night.

We'd hosted a party on Saturday night and I made it to about 3:30am. I saw Tobi cruising around the docks then. I woke up on Sunday morning to a most bedraggled and soggy creature at the foot of my bed, covered in gravel and fur imbedded with grit. A bath was to be his destiny that day.

Troy had gotten up for work at 5:30am and had seen Toby scratching at the glass doors on the floathouse and let him in. We surmise made a run at the ducks and the ducks won the round.

Silly kitty.


julia said...

Love the kitty story! And the story about your mother's run in at Horsting Farms! Hey, I'll be in Vancouver for a bit at the end of June, maybe we can all get together then. We're off to Windsor this weekend so I'll contact you when we get into Vancouver mid-June.

bowiechick said...


Maybe, just maybe I'll get my darn backside off a boat or an island and be able to hook up with you this time.