Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Vote on it

Like everyone else in the world who has to drive a car to do anything we were bit flabbergasted last week when we put gas in our pickup truck. Of course, we can't put in the cheap stuff, it has to be premium and at the Petro Canada over on Cambie, proceeded to watch Greig's head pop off at the $1.38/litre price. Stark contrast to the price of B4 Biodiesel of $0.96/litre.

When I first met Greig he drove a propane truck and we've had a few propane fueled vehicles since then. When we first started dating the price of propane was $0.28/litre and and then jumped up to $0.69 (not long after Nine-11). Now the propane is back down suddenly to $0.49. I am just waiting for the next jump back up which I think will be close to a buck a litre.

So, if the price gouging has you steamed up to go to and express your ire with just a click of a button.

AHHH..feel better? I know I do.

Addendum to orginal post:
The CBC confirms it: Canadian are being gouged at the pumps. I especially like that bit about "the government having to pull its head out of the sand."


rob said...

Have you tried 2 ounces of pure acetone ( has to be pure unadulterated ) to each 10 gallons of petrol/gas? it will make your fuel burn better and cleaner, and thus give 5 or 10% more mileage (so Im told! :o)) )

bowiechick said...

I have never hear of doing this but it sounds good. Thanks Rob!

However, oil companies are out of control and there is no accountability to regulate them and it is high time we should. It is extortion and "they" are getting away with it. Unless we start bitching it will keep going on, unabated.

rob said...

It works! but I am told that any rubber or similar may be effected in the longterm, still whats a fuel pump diaphram among friends eh? so long as its not a major problem to replace ie "tank out" etc?