Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where there's a boat there's a story

The Dos Amores is a steel 44 foot ketch (44’ at the waterline and 52’ to the bowsprit I believe). It arrived down at the MIYC sometime last winter. “Wayne,” as we knew him as, pulled up looking for moorage. Said, he’d been in touch with the landlord and “hadn’t we’d been notified?”

We hadn’t.

So for the first month or so he had to walk through the Bowie to get to his boat. This annoyed many of us to no end. He was a strange duck, a big talker. Suffice it to say he was fishy and the boys decided to call him “Narc Wayne.” His reputation as a bit of a of a wanker became more true as time went on. One day a few weeks ago he showed up and removed a bunch of belongings from it.

The following week, we had a visit from the REAL owner who’d been looking for him and the Dos Amores for sometime. " Wayne" sent him back the keys and told Graham where to find the boat. Graham, showed up the following week, wanting his boat back. “Wayne,” was errant in paying his hydro. Greig and I were both at work when Graham and his family showed up, and the boys wouldn’t let him just take the boat as they knew “Wayne” was in arrears with his hydro.

“Wayne” or “Norm” as Graham knew him as, made a couple of payments on the boat and disappeared with it. Graham had been in touch with him from time to time but Norm always dodged him.

Graham, somewhere in his early 50s, had inheritied the boat from the father he never knew. His father, now deceased, showed up one day a couple of years ago riddled with cancer and said, “Son, I’m dying and want you to have my boat. I’ve money to cover my funeral expenses.”

Well the old man died and there was no money for a funeral of any kind. The old gent also managed to saddle the son he never knew with a mountain of debts to boot. In the one closet downstairs “There were 200 three-piece suits stuffed in so tight that you couldn’t wedge your hand in." Graham told us. " He had several hundred silk ties and over 40 pairs of shoes not just your average kind of shoe but shoes that run $400 bucks a pop. He had lots of money for shoes but never was there a dime to his kid(s). When my wife and I emptied it out there were some 60 bags of clothes and that boat came up three inches higher on the waterline.”

He wanted $28,000 for it. Fair price for a world class steel sailboat but we couldn’t do it and thought Graham wouldn't have much problem getting that for it. He came back with an offer we couldn’t refuse and so, with help from Karen O, we've secured the boat with terms.

“It was immaculate when we handed the keys over to Norm, aka “Wayne”. The railings were gleaming and varnished, it had all fresh paint, we did a haul out and new zincs two and a half to three years ago.”

The main mast is broken below decks and the mizzen is gone though the boom for that is still on board.
Dave and Greig braced up the mast with some 1/4” steel plating and bolted it all into place on Saturday before the Sunday sail. “Wayne” had taken it up on a trip up Desolation Sound back in February and he surely couldn't have done that trip without the sails. We think he may have broken the mast then. Probably misscalulated the mast height in going under one of the bridges. That would be easy to do.

The other good thing is pretty much most everything else works just fine.

Greig, Nurse Karen and Roger brought it back up the river from False Creek yesterday. Roger and Nurse Karen had stayed on it overnight in the Creek. The had the sails up and were doing seven knots in English Bay however, coming up the river was a very slow affair as it took them four hours doing at most three knots.

The mainsail must be 60+ feet and so we can only bring it down the north arm of the Fraser at low tide so we can clear the bridges. The new Skytrain bridge, for new Canada line, which is due to be ready for the 2010 Olympics however, is to low for this boat to go under even on the low tide. Hmm...wonder if the brain trust on that even thought about that issue? Apparently not. Future journeys will mean going up to New Westminster, hanging a right down the main arm of the Fraser and out the mouth of the river in Steveston.

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