Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yes and I know they are cute but...

...they are perpetual poop machines! The baby is so sweet but Mum and Dad are so hissy.

Bridgette and Max, our resident Mallard Ducks are all fine and good. They don't poop quite as much as the Canada Geese and they are quite cheerful. The other day Bridgette came walking right into the living room on the
Partnership to let Greig know she needed her fix. The Ewoks (aka Mark Q's kiddies), and others I assume, sprinkled birdseed on the ramp here. The problem is, this ramp is en-route to the Partnership and the other evening I slipped on a pile of green do-do.

"This, will not do" I vowed. "I have to nip this in the bud." So I decreed upon high that the sprinking of the seed ON the traffic areas of the dock an extreme no-no.

I took the garden hose to Mumma and Poppa goose to let them know they are not welcome at the MIYC. Hissing at the kids and others, which is what they do, is fine but they ain't gonna do it here.

I like watching the geese, on the OTHER SIDE of the river. It seems to have done the trick as the geese have been keeping their distance.

Thanks for the picture Karen!

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