Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog-us Interruptus

I've been fighting, once and again, with the internet connections at home. I have a bunch of stories I am wanting to write about but just can't get to it all for the usual plethora of reasons, our unstable internet connection being one of them.

On the weekend, one of the visiting little rotters got a hold of the cable for my digital camera and it has gone walk-about. (The cable, not the kid). Such a PAIN in the butt-inski! Some people's kid's eh? I am sure it was one of Mark Q's kids as they are the type to pick it up just 'cos it is there and hang on to it and just drop it somewhere. I am sure it got dropped in the river or on a dock somewhere. Its the kind of thing that only holds a finite amount of interest in the first place and when that ends, it ceases to be bright and shiny. Bui and Dosha are well and truly enough to know better and even when they were that age such a thing wouldn't have been interesting to them.

In the meantime I was booting about looking for a place called Port Hammond, BC, where the Dos Amores was built and I stumbled upon Rog 45's lovely photo gallery on Flickr. There are some lovely shots of the Fraser river, most of which are further up river and East of us.


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rob said...

Great piccies! Thanks for that.