Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bracing for impact!

The flooding has begun. They are evacuating homes up in the Terrace area and areas in Prince George are on alert. I'm checking the CBC site regularly:

"As of 3am Tuesday, the river had risen to a level of 5.2 metres on the Mission gague. By the weekend, that's expected to hit at least seven metres."

Dave and Roger put out some extra lines today. One of the floats broke loose yesterday and they took care of that this morning as Greig couldn't do it as he was in school today for his Bridge Watchman's ticket.

Apparently there is a big pile of debris coming down the river at us. We're on red alert to combat all this stuff. I hope they can get a boomstick out into place in front of the Bowie and the Lightship and that we can process the pile of crap that is already there. Oh and more rain is in the forecast.

If it floods on the island, and we expect that it will, we'll have to park our cars on the other side of the river.

Good times.


Greg and Jamie said...

In my sleep-deprived state, I actually read that as "broomstick" the first time through and had wonderful visions of my favorite Canadian Valkyrie fending off the wild river with her...broomstick.

Then I went back and re-read it.

Makes more sense, but not nearly as entertaining. Hang tight, girlfriend. We're holding our breath with you!


rob said...

Take care!and good luck to you all, I guess you have more than enough manpower to keep the logs moving, we will be thinking of you! When we were on the Thames we encountered flooding but the conservancy were only interested in keeping the posh houses up river free from water ingress and just let it go through the locks with the inherrent damage it caused lower down! Ho hum! :o))