Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Flooding in northern BC and the West Kootenay

Well there is flooding up in Prince George, where my brother and his family live and over in Terrace and Smithers too. My family is not in danger as they are well above the danger zone. Still, if we follow the river we live on up into the interior we'd come to Prince George eventually. The Fraser, for those of you who don't know flows through Prince George on it's way to the coast.

The rising waters of the Birkenhead River is forcing the evacuation of homes on the
Mount Currie Reserve. It is north of that "little" ski town of Whistler and further a field of the community of Pemberton. It is one of the most beautiful places in the province I think.

This link to the CBC's photo gallery has been increasing throughout the day. I see there is also flooding over in the Grand Forks area, so the Kettle River must be over flowing too. I love Grand Forks for I always must stop for Borscht (Doukabor style of course.)

We fared fine overnight and last night Greig and Mark 2 tackled some of the logs that have been jamming up against the docks for firewood. Greig set out another line off the stern of the lightship to shore as I guess both it and the Bowie were moving about quite a bit yesterday.

We got a kick out of Bob Crane, our resident Blue Heron as we watched him silhouetted and tripping along the fat line that Greig had strung out on the hunt for his tucker. At first Greig though it was walking along a log that had siddled up to the rope. (No, Mum, a fat line isn't a line all covered with fat - it is just a big and heavy line about two inches thick.)

I think the worst is yet to come.

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