Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It is Birthday Week around here

Somehow, as if by magic, Bui, Dosha and Greig are all celebrating birthdays this week.

Dosha turned 11 on Friday, June 22. Yikes. She's already like a teenager.

Bui and his dad share the same birthday. Bui was born on Greig's 22nd birthday. How is that for magic?

Bui is now gone for the summer to Alberta to his Grandma's. Her partner John is putting him to work doing construction. A lacky he will be? He is keen to make some money this summer. Though he'll be working a lot, John is going to take Bui to get his learner's permit, take him up flying and perhaps get Bui into ATV racing of some kind apparently. We're going to miss him and fully expect him to come back taller than the old man.
Dosha is probably spending most of her summer with us here. She was hoping to visit Grandma Caroline up in Whitehorse but the price of plane tickets set me into sixty-pink fits again.

Either way, she'll have a great summer, especially since big bro isn't on the scene.

Nell threw a joint B-day party on Saturday and we stopped in before work and had a nice surprise, as Big Bui and Chris, Greig's Dad and brother showed up for the party too. Though Greig is adopted, it is amazing how much he and Bui look alike!

Addition: My mum was telling me about my cousin's nephew. My cousin Don, has a heavy duty construction business. He trained his nephew Tyler on all his equipment the last few years. I was amazed to hear that Tyler, who is now 16, is also working out in Alberta, and is working as a foreman. 16 years and is already a foreman. Unbelievable.


rob said...

What a lovely family you both have!

bowiechick said...

Yah, they're alright.