Thursday, June 14, 2007

More of that thing we do, Part 2

Coming in to the "Creek" otherwise known as False creek we pass Vanier Park. Vanier Park is home to the annual Childrens' Festival and the tents stay up for Bard on the Beach. The area is also home to the HR McMillian Space Centre "the Planetarium" and the Vancouver Maritime Museum. There is also a dog beach nearby and on a windy day like this day, oodles of kite flyers. The most unique kite I have seen here is the one in the picture. Too fun!

We also pass the Coast Guard dock as we come under the Burrard Street Bridge. If there is time we go "up the Creek" which is actually a dead end full of rocks, fibreglass and overpriced condo-minimums. This pic is of the Burrard Bridge in the foreground and the Granville Street bridge in the background. Over to the left of the photo is a big yellow building which is Bridges Restaurant, (delicious if you want to pay $20 for a burger) and our home base is right in front, or below depending upon the tide. That blue boat is the McBeath, the main boat for the Vancouver Police who police the waters here along with the Coast Guard, and often provide supplementary back up to them at times. The main Coast guard vessel here is the Osprey. (Sorry no pic or link it was apparently doing stuff).

Still there are lots of pretty things to see and gaze upon. Aquabus/False Creek Ferries are the two companies providing water taxi service here. The False Creek Ferries think they own the water and often as not end up cutting right across our bow and have done so many, many times. These two companies provide service up and down the creek and have their own turf and docks in which to do so. They are cute as all get out and quite fun to toodle up and around the creek in.

The main draw on Granville Island is the Public Market. Glorius food is right! There are loads of other specialty shops as well but there are lots of veggie markets, fish mongers, floral shops and a host of other things too numerous to mention. I LOVE IT and it is one of my most favorite places to visit. GI is also home to the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

Here, sailing in front of previously aforementioned condo-"minimums" is the Sunset Bay, another local competitor's charter yacht.

There are a few floathomes moored here and slips very, very rarely come available and don't come cheap. Location, location!

The big white yacht is the sister ship of the Eloquent, our charter yacht and the yacht from which these pictures were taken. It is called the Crystal Spirit and along with the Eloquent and the Golden Mistique (aka the Golden Mistake) are all foam core yachts built by local builders, the Parkers.

Well, we're turning around even though there is more of the Creek to see. This tour is over for now and I'll post more on other stuff further up the Creek again.

I'll leave you with a parting shot of the Eloquent's bow as we head back to the dock. Here we are looking west with the Granville Bridge in the foregound, Burrard Bridge in the back and English Bay waaaay in the back.

How's that for a start Tugster?

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rob said...

Thanks for that! a really nice and informative trip around your world. You have inspired me to do one of, "Around my world now" ? maybe.