Friday, June 08, 2007

What is your typical weekly grocery bill?

My very good friend Grace in Calgary sent me this interesting link on Time's website called "What the world eats."

It is a timely subject for me as I am the one who does the bulk of the grocery shopping for what is now about 16 of us in our little complex. $100 in groceries doesn't go really far here and we supplement it by bring home quite a bit of leftovers from the charters. Some days I find I spend more time at the store fetching this and that than I do getting any "real" things accomplished.

I endeavor to buy little in the way of pre-packaged items. It may be a bit passive aggressive but when I cook, I cook for a crowd. If I buy stuff that are one-offs, like Kraft Dinner, pork n' beans, or cereal, then they are more likely to feed themselves rather than consider the needs of the group. Also, I didn't grow up eating "KD" and I much prefer homemade mac and cheese to that glop. I can guarantee it that if I buy a whole bunch of cereal we go through milk like the dickens and that is the first stuff that will get eaten above all else. As Grace noted, "I didn't realize how international Kellog's Cornflakes were!" Me either.

There are a few of us that do the bulk of the cooking for the group and we casually rotate between us. These days it is mostly Steve I think, as I am starting to be home of an evening less as the charters get busier. It is all I can do to keep up with keeping things relatively stocked. It is completely impractical for everyone to buy their own food as we just don't have the room no can we afford the hydro to run too many appliances. Now that we have another working kitchen, it is becoming more convenient for me to make up batches of salad dressing, barbecue sauces and soups for a crowd. Plus I know I am finally saving more money as there is more latitude for me to take lunches to work again where there just wasn't before. The cafeteria at the College is getting less from me these days. Yipee!

Sunday night had us bringing home at least two and a bit of those large Costco Veggie platters that had been left on a cruise. I made a batch of veggie soup PLUS a marinated vegetable salad which I have brought for lunch a couple of times this week. I had put an ice cream bucket full on the Bowie fridge and I know it is long gone now.

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