Friday, June 22, 2007

Whoever said...

that "technology would revolutionize our lives" needs a good slap upside the head.

Of course it would be too easy to find a new cord for the digital camera, my camera the Olympus FE 180 is too special. Nope you need a card reader. Which is just as well as they tend to transfer faster anyway. "OK, I thunk to myself maybe I'll pick one up at London Drugs, they probably got the stuff. Save me having to shlep all the way over to Kerrisdale Cameras in Kitsilano or the Source (or Radio Shack as I will forever refer to it as.)

This Universal 21 in ONE card reader is a piece of crap and does not live up to it claiming to take my wee camera card. BUNK! The card doesn't fit in the slot at all. Now I have to go back to LD and then over to Kits to pick up a darn card reader.

Sheesh. You'd think the brain trust on these things could come up with something universal and standardized. Then that would defeat the whole, "buy more crap we really don't need that fires this world wouldn't it?"

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