Monday, June 04, 2007

The whole enchilada

Thursday evening, Greig moved the Partnership over to the west side of the boat yard. It is now tucked in on the right of this image by Dave's red boathouse and behind Russian Mike's place. My bow sticks out just enough for privacy and good views from the galley and the bathroom.

I love it here! It's quieter, less dusty and more green. I get the afternoon sun and I point west down the river. It is less bouncy and not as much current here too. Up "east" closer to the tip of island there was a lot more bounce due to the traffic on the main arm
that washes into Mitchell Slough. All weekend the sun was glowing into the house and yet it was still cool and comfortable. Still have to re-hook up and configure all the internet again and that is on the "round tuit" list.

The only problem is that the boat is sitting on the beach at low tide. Phil has to come in and do some more prop washing to get rid of some of the mud. We also had to put a pump into the starboard engine compartment as we have water coming in through the leg there. Greig has finally agreed that yes we should remove the engine and the leg too. The engine is seized and he had pulled the port engine back in November when we first got it. There are already metal boxes there to cover over those holes/housings anyway so at some point we'll pull it up on the beach and do this.

I am butted right up against the back of Mike's place (Steve is pictured here untying the Green Goblin to allow for the Partnership) but he has a delightful complement of mud swallows up in the eves which are entertaining us.

I watched a seal swimming about around an east moving chip barge and it is very fun watching the Heron hunting on the mud flats. Bridgette hasn't found her way back find me yet but I suppose that is only a matter of time.

I washed all the windows inside and out and got all the dust off plus hosed off the decks with the limited reach of my garden hose. I finally managed to make a big pot of chowder on the propane stove for the masses with leftover salmon from the charters.

I can't use my oven yet as the electronic start for the oven is knackered. I'll have to call in for help on that one. A batch of homemade bread is callin! It's been years since I've made any.

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