Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Yes, we do yacht deliveries

The Malacite, one of Accent Cruises other charter yachts, has been moored beside us for the last two months. Now that summer cruising is upon us, it needed to come down the river to Granville Island, where our friend Len is scheduled to do some interior repairs and renovations as well. Then it will be ready to pick up a few charters this summer.

Dosha's friend Payton came along for the ride and between the two of them pretty much were at the helm the entire way.

I took some pictures and then fell asleep downstairs. Something about the overcast day, the lull of the engines and the genset just knocked me out for a wee cat nap.

This is Arrow Shipyard. They are on the south side of Mitchell Island.
Here is the River Eagle pulling a log boom with the River Star just behind him. For those readers not from the Vancouver area or BC for that matter, the Fraser River has booms like this all along the river edges here.
Here we are passing a section of the new SkyTrain bridge which will be crossing over the western tip of Mitchell Island. We're hoping it will have as much or more clearance as the Oak Street and Arthur Liang Bridges otherwise the Dos Amores won't be able to go under it. At this point, it sure doesn't look as tall.

The Captain let his daughter drive, and Payton too.
Pretty neat experience for an 11-year old. Greig was there ready and guided Payton into the Public Dock at Granville Island. She took it slow and easy. I think it is something that Payton will remember for ever.


W said...

apprectice helmsperson. lucky girl. love the log boom fotos. tugster

rob said...

Thats the right age to get them involved. great to see it!

Anonymous said...

i love sea environment and beautiful girls !