Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have been waiting to post again. Wanting to do something really special for it 'cos is is post #151: not 149, not 150, but 151.

You see, I knew a couple of posts back that post #150 was fast approaching and that I should do something really special for #150 but then I forgot and next thing I new it was #151.


Well, I guess I should do something special, as I missed 150. Just like I missed my first blog-iversary last August when it slipped by me and didn't acknowledge it. Until September.

In what I affectionately refer to as "life BG" (life before Greig), I was so on top of these kinds of things. Greig says it is because I actually have a life now. Hmm...well, I guess if you put it that way...

At anyrate it has been a busy week at work on the water. Dave 1 has been building docks at home. Greig has been tearing apart the forward cabin on the sailboat. I have pictures. Lots of pretty boats and working boats.


Waiting for me to merge and upload and organize. Have a tug pulling a gravel barge for Will. Still have to merge that pic for him. At least I got some laundry done and we've some clean uniforms for work now.

The HSBC Celebration of Lights starts tonight and so out there we'll be out there working in the mass hysteria on the water looking out for complete yahoos. It is during these four evenings that anyone who has a boat in Vancouver, finally makes use of it.

The City of Vancouver is now on strike and the mess on the beaches will be awful 'cos NOBODY will pick up their garbage after themselves this evening and should leave a good mess behind to accumulate.

Be back soon(ish)!

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rob said...

More piccies please!!! :o))