Tuesday, July 17, 2007

And another funny thing

On Saturday, as we were trying to drop the pick off the sailboat before Jack accidentally lost it, there was a huge mega-yacht out in the Bay. A big Feadship called Kisses. Beastly big and very pretty. Alas, no camera, no pic. Here is a link.

Now a Saturday afternoon, especially if the sun is shining, English Bay is a pretty busy place. There are usually a half-dozen container ships anchored out there. Off Jericho Beach at the sailing centre there is usually some kind of regatta or race going on. Plus oodles of small sail and power boats booting about. Often as not one of the many charter companies are out.

It was 3pm in the afternoon and the Queen of Diamonds was out and about too and had a big party going on. The Queen of Diamonds is one of the largest of the charter boats in town, accommodating up to 400 people. (The Britannia is actually the largest, accomodating 500 people).

Greig had the radio on and we were listening to the chatter from the port traffic.

The Queen cruised passed Kisses and not long after someone from
Kisses called over to the Queen and asked if the "Social director could turn down the music as they just were out there wanting some peace and quiet."

Appropriately enough, the Queen turned back around to head back to
Kisses and turned up the volume.

Oh to be so rich and entitled too?


rob said...


rob said...

You mentioned making anchors on Tim site so how about making ones similar to the "Rocna anchors"? they look easy enough to copy and from their videos they shure do hold well!

bowiechick said...

Thanks again Rob. I am not as equipment savvy as I'd like to be so I haven't heard of this brand before and have never seen any anchors about like these ones. I will show it to the boys.