Thursday, July 05, 2007

A bit of freelance work

Next to the four main yachts we work on on Granville Island, is another small charter company called Blue Eyed Charters. Owners Scotty and Maureen have the Island Jewel. They asked us to work one of their charters for them so that they could attend their son's soccer tournament in Nanaimo as his team had made it to Provincials. There would be kids on the cruise and could we bring Dosha too? You bet.

Karen 1 came along for the ride. She'd never been to Bowen Island either and we put her in Bui's crew shirt. Bowen is pretty much a bedroom community of West Vancouver anymore and becoming a very expensive enclave of, well, all of "that." The island is serviced by BC Ferries and the Queen of Capilano makes about 15 return trips a day. I didn't get any decent shots of Snug Cove as I was too busy hearding the group. There is a shot of Point Atkinson and Lighthouse Park.

I did get this pretty shot of these nasturtiums. I can't help it. It is the gardener's daughter in me.

We had a group of Saudi doctors on board with their families and they are repeat customers for Scotty and Mo. They were all going to UBC Medical school on scholarship and it was a good bye party of sorts as some were heading back to Saudi as they had finished up. There were lots of ankle biters, the youngest at 3 months to about six or seven.
Dosha at the helm with Dad guiding her.
On the left of the photo is the Bowen Island. In the centre behind the white boat is Anvil Island and to the right Whytecliff Park and around in behind is Horseshoe Bay, a major departure point for BC Ferries to various island destinations. We are pointing up Howe Sound toward Squamish and Whistler.

Greig was inspired by the bowsprit on this beautiful sailboat and wants to do the same thing on the Dos Amores.


rob said...

Great photos! The group look very professional, have you ever tried nasturcian leaves chopped up in a salad? an aquired taste but quite palatable. The bow sprit would fit well on the new boat but you would need new cut sails. We have a boat here in my marina that has incooperated a new bowsprit but because of high mooring costs, based on vessel length he has made it so that it lifts up vertically by un-hooking the "Dolphin basher" I dont know how you pay for your mooring but it might reduce unneccessary costs somewhat if you considered the technology?

bowiechick said...

Nasturtium leaves are a bit peppery. Thanks for the bowsprit tip. Good idea you have about the bowsprit.


rob said...

Not my idea but thanks anyway. the guy just made the frame out of 2" SS steel bent tube and pivoted back onto the hull, infilling it with afromosa! does mean however that a furling hedsail is out of the question but then your existing mainsail will propell you ok until you need to take another "fore to fore" sail up on to deck to fly it!