Monday, July 16, 2007

A brief bit of fun before work

They've been working on the sailboat the last couple of weeks, giving it some paint and a lick and a promise. I haven't been much help there as my shoulder is so nackered these days. It's black hull is now a midnight blue. Greig painted the deck an aluminum silver. It's pretty reflective and glare-y and a wicked spot to get a tan. I would have prefered he'd kept it the cream colour though.

Thursday to Saturday morning was a bit of a scramble as his Nibs was chomping at the bit to take the sailboat down to English Bay for at least a couple of weeks this summer. In doing so we may wedge in some time to actually USE it. I got most of it relatively clean and tidy for the voyage. We haven't had much time to outfit it with supplies yet and that will take time and several visits to the thrift shops for sheets, kettle, coffee maker etc. We'll add stuff as the more we stay on it the more we'll figure out what we'll need.

Saturday morning we left on the low tide so we could make it under the bridges, and hopefully in time for our 5pm shift. Our friend Colin dropped by with his dad on Saturday morning so they joined us in the trip down the river. Little did they expect they'd get a boat ride when they got up that morning. Colin used to work for Accent Cruises too but signed up for the Canadian Forces some time ago and has now finished his training. What a glorious day!

Nurse Karen, Roger, Jack and Ryan joined us too. Yes, I did forget my camera with Greig rushing me to get on board with all our stuff. We arrived in just enough time to try and set the anchors. Alas, Jack lost the anchor (it was a lovely Danforth), cutting his finger in the process as it slipped out of his hands. I guess it wasn't attached down below in the chain locker and Greig was pushing on the it at the helm to try set it Without hesitation Roger was johnny-on-the-spot diving over the railing to try and retrieve it. Oh if it was only a floating line on it! Greig could see it in the water about two feet from Roger but there was no way Roger could see it despite it being so close.

Our second anchor was a bit too wimpy. We dragged our anchor for at least a mile or two overnight from Kits Beach to Jeherico beach. Sunday, we did a mad dash back home to pick up the car and head to the Mariner's Exchange in Steveston for more anchors and a big heavy schwack of galvanized chain. We found another Danforth. (Greig's convinced he and Dave can make some of their own anchors for the price of them.) I wasn't about to endorse spending money on a "new" one when the used ones are dear enough.

There is little opportunity for much "R and R " during this time of year, as this is the busiest time of year for us. I mean even less so than usual. We have to grab the impromptu moments of fun when we can. I realize now June 30th was the last day I actually had "off" from both jobs. I suspect it is going to be mid-August before that happens again as the charters are finally picking up.

I am pretty weary already.

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rob said...

Boy are you having fun! thats what boats are all about! lots of work and lots of fun! and sleeping soundly!:o)) Enjoy!