Tuesday, July 03, 2007

George Reifel Bird Sanctuary

On Saturday, I opted to not do chores and corraled Dosha and Karen 1 in a trip to Westham Island and for a walk around the George Reifel Bird Sanctury. I needed a brisk walk and some fresh air and thought the morning cloud would perhaps burn off. It did. I wish I had worn shorts.

We generally come down to Westham Island to pick pumpkins. It is often as not quite foggy in October and you can't see anything. There are generally thousands of snow geese in the farmer's fields, though at this time of year, the Mallard ducks are most plentiful. Gee, I wish I knew more bird species. Saw one wood duck and some other fowl creatures too.

One of the pretty marshes in the sanctuary. I stand to be corrected but I think this pretty plant is actually purple loostrife and is considered a noxious weed. Anyone?
One of the best shots of the outer marsh. You can see the cranes of the Delta port off in the distance at Robert's Bank, a spot where they unload some of the container ships. Sometimes you can see one of the ferries leaving the terminal at Tsawwassen (ta-wass-en) for Vancouver Island or the southern gulf island here.
Karen introduced Dosha to that much forgotten childhood pastime of grass bugling. I totally forgot I used to do that as a kid too. Couldn't seem to do it again tho'.
This is for Shenella, the kid's mum.
And last, but certainly not least, the perfect sign for Greig. (Both of these were spotted in a Ladner restaurant).


rob said...

It looks like what we call here "Fox glove" and can be used in all sorts of remedies but yes highly poisonous I believe!

bowiechick said...

Well it is similar in colour to some foxglove, I do know it isn't that. There is a yellow variety of loosestrife that is apparently fine. And upon further investigation:


So, yes it is purple loosestrife.

Thanks Rob.

rob said...

Whilst I was responsible for 27 gardeners and a £1m garden budget( in my day) as you can see I still don`t know anything about wild flowers, except that their seeds are really expensive in the UK.
Gosh! you lead a full and rich life, what a beautiful country you live in.

rob said...

I don`t know of this is of help to you its the general specis? you can click on the thumbnail for a more fuller detail! http://www.botany.hawaii.edu/FACULTY/CARR/lythr.htm :o))

rob said...

Or here!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purple_loosestrife