Sunday, July 08, 2007

Not just whittling away

This is Alison Dave 2's new friend . She's a real carver, not a Carver. Hailing originally from the province of Saskatchewan, she trained with other native carvers on the coast style. She is soon to be Dave 2's new bunkmate (yup, that is Dave on the left - my mum thinks he's hot) and our new roommate. Let's hope they won't kill each other up there in the bow of the Bowie.

She is tickled as with all the logs that jam up against us and therefore a plethora of material for her to hone her craft upon. Dave 2 is excited as she is going to teach him as well.

I have to say that it is so wonderful having more female energy about. For so long it was only me!! Oh the men are behaving so much better and we seem to be purging the yahoos and the negative energy. It wore me down so. Now, there is myself, Dosha, the Karens, Heather, Kat, Alison and Lynn, though I think I see Lynn about once a month as she works so much at her various businesses.
The cedar chips make great fire starter. We should soak the stuff for the BBQ as well I suppose.
Clearly she is working on an owl. She is still learning and was very proud that she got the nose on the middle of the grain.
She hadn't quite finished it the other day but I hope she brings it back so I can photograph the final result. She already hauled out a chunk of log that she is planning on carving into a big eagle. So wonderful. Click on the link to her name at the top to take you to the Appleton Galleries site.

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