Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh Dave...behave

Dave's been a bit occupied with his red boat house. He's beefing up the floors, cleaning the old logs underneath and sticking in oodles of marine grade styrofoam for floatation. He's a genius at scouring the Craigslist for free stuff and whiz-bang deals. He even though to try and salvage some logs that looked like they once belonged to a dock.

He took the fair Rhianna out with him on a re-con mission the other day. Alas, he put the fuel line on backwards somehow and of course starved the outboard for fuel What a guy! He had his work boots on so Rhianna, goddess that she ever is was in her shorts and flip-flops and hopped in the river to pull HIM along. Yes, I too think there IS something wrong with this picture. Although he was on his way to work, Greig fired up the other boat to rescue them. He threw out a line and Dave promptly lost the paddle in the process. Oh look, and where is Rhianna again? Trudging through the squishy mud barefoot. For Dave. Again.

Better catch this one Dave. I think Greig is close enough to you now.

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