Sunday, July 08, 2007

A zippy trip to Pitt Lake

On Wednesday, we took the "new" boat out after work to go explore Pitt Lake. Pitt Lake is a tidal lake, about 24 km long and quite deep. At the south end is a dyke and path of channel markers as this end has substantial shallows. At the north end of the lake is a logging camp. Further beyond that (20 km) up a logging road there are some undeveloped hot springs.

There was some property for sale we thought we'd have a boo at and we'd also never been up there and since it is more accessible by water than roads, zipping along 40 knots and dodging deadheads was the order of business. We only hit two.

My friend Laurie told me that she and her husband used to canoe up on Pitt Lake quite a bit and that the wind usually kicked up in the afternoon and it got quite choppy. She was correct.

Here we are entering the main arm of the Fraser at New Westminster. The cranes here are part of the North Fraser Port Authority. The yellow building on the right are offices for Transport Canada. One of the captains who works on the charter vessels works out of here and drives the survey vessel they use to chart the Fraser and other bodies of water throughout BC.

There is a big amalgamation afoot of this, the Fraser Port Authority and the Port of Vancouver merge into one which will now be the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. Should be interesting as to how the politics of life on the water here will change as a result.

Here behind us are three bridges, the SkyBridge connecting New Westminster to Surrey, a train bridge and the Patullo Bridge, often called the "Bridge of Death." The city New Westminster on the right.
Here we are approaching the Port Mann Bridge which connects Coquitlam and Surrey. This is the main bridge and is part of the #1, or the Trans Canada Highway. It's a bottleneck. One of the secrets of commuting in Vancouver is to never have to cross a bridge.
Here we are now on the Pitt River which dumps into the Fraser River on the west side of the Port Mann Bridge. The building in the photo above is the clubhouse for Swaneset Golf Course. As we zipped up the river, I tried to take as many photos as I could but bouncing along at 40knots is difficult enough, let alone ensuring pics aren't too blurry.
Still on the river. There were lots of people out water skiing on this section of the river.
Here are some homes along the shores of the river. Pretty spot. I think these are accessible by roads in the Coquitlam area still. We have to go for a drive up here one evening and explore.
Here we are entering the south end of the lake. It was quite choppy and there were deadheads everywhere and it was exceptionally difficult to see them.
Looking back to this lovely snow-capped mountain. Gee this looks so much like home on Kootenay Lake. (Of course Kootenay Lake is about 100km long and the beaches are also minimal and usually covered in rocks and gravel vs. sand).
This is an area on the western shores called Williams Landing. I had seen some property advertised on Landquest for some larger lots for sale, we actually saw an open house sign down on the dock for this house below.
This older couple have a Pan-Abode log home for sale. There are two buildings on it and the second is more of a shed and house the genset and other tools and such. They have a smaller cabin down on the lake which was their parents and are selling this as they prefer to spend their winters in Mexico. So for $550k for a boat access only cabin. The floathouse is also a Pan-Abode and I really like how he had stained the logs on the outside.
Heading south and going home.

Back again and heading into New Westminster again. Oh look! Its the Penac, the Canadian Coast Guard Hovercraft.
There it goes back up the river, frothin' and churning. Very cool. Wish I had one of those.
Oh...pretty and calm...we must be close to home. It is usually calm on our part of the river of an evening.
Here is the swing bridge opening up as we've passed beneath. Guess they are opening up for these guys.


rob said...

What a beautiful country! sounds like over regulation is afoot with the formation of the new regulation authority? I guess you will have "grandfather rights" anyway? as licensing set in (or do you have that now). The rivers here, are over regulated with license fee soaring and marinas charging a fortune to moor a boat. and the number or beaurocrats increasing as they struggle with their incompitent ways to administer the river! I do hope that your new authority will be better!:o((

rob said...

Why does a restricted access, shed cost so much? perhaps its better than it looks from the photo? What about Bears or does one just learn to live with them?

A friend of mine owns an island on a lake in Canada somewhere and has never even seen it other than from photos,apparently bears swim out to it and hibernate on it? what a waste!I think I would waht to visit at least.

bowiechick said...

Hmm...not sure what you mean about the "restricted access shed" bit Rob. I missed it.

Your friend owns and island but he's never visited? Pity. It seems strange to me too.

Yes I hope the new "authority" will be better but it usually never is.


rob said...

The only access to the cabin/shed is via the water thus restricted from the land, from what you said I guess that any access from the land could take weeks to get there.

He purchased the rights/deeds to the island in the 70s and has never been to see it yet, just seems to me to be a shame to have an island and not use it? its apparently quite wild where it is, you really do have a beautiull country

bowiechick said...

Oh yes I get you now. There are no roads to this particular spot and doubt there will be in the near future. All the homes here are boat access only (unless someone has a float plane.) There are quite a few homes with solar panels out front and this side of the lake gets more sunshine.

If your friend bought it in the 70s then he'd probably do quite well in selling it today as the real estate prices have really skyrocketed.

rob said...

Really! I`ll let him know! I rather like the idea of only having access from the water I have to say I`ve also always fancied a trip in one of those ribs with wings and a prop! they would be ideal for access to such a property! Would a property like that one have a Bear problem?not in the winter obviously but spring and summer? I guess you keep your rubbish in a keep or burn it?