Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dave's floating roof

Not long after Dave salvaged the Meat Locker #17, he found a free boathouse. Now we all know about "free" boats, etc. Often free isn't much of a deal for all the work involved. However, Dave wasn't to be discouraged, as he basically had a leak proof roof to work under. Beggers can't always be choosers and he is pleased as punch about it all and making it his mission to scour the craigslist for free stuff. Kind of like us but with much more time on his hands and less crap to distract him from his goal.

He's been hard at it shoring up the floors and the walls. He has been adding logs and Styrofoam to shore up its flotation and buoyancy. His vision is a big huge studio space where he can paint and carve with tons of natural light. So here are some pics of the work in progress.

One day a week or so ago he woke up to hear a noise in the main area and he had otters playing about and defecating on his partially built floor. A couple of days later he and Rhianna awoke to a very loud gnawing on the other side of his bedroom wall. They walked out to find one of the beavers gnawing at the logs! Rhianna got it on video tape (I will link to it when she sends it to me.)

The next morning we got up and they told Greig and I about all about it and showed us the video of the beaver chewing away. Rhianna must have gotten about 15 minutes of footage. Whilst we were standing there it climbed back up through the hole and just sat there looking at us, seemingly quite fearless. As Dave approached it closer, he jumped back down the hole and went out again. It hasn't been back since and hasn't deterred Dave in his vision.

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