Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Healing slowly

Mark is healing slowly and still in ICU. They are trying to get his lungs in order and he's still quite sedated. No visitors for him yet and that is OK. Whatever it takes to help him heal.

The police finally found Dave's mum. She is apparently coming in today from Ontario. We've not heard from her yet but they kindly gave her our contact numbers. Maybe we'll see her today.

We're going to do a small memorial on the sailboat and a wee jaunt up the river. Karen 1 has written Dave a song. It is simple, lovely and poignant.


rob said...

So sad, seens such a waste! :o((

bowiechick said...

It is. But the story isn't over. Far from it I think.

W said...

hang in there, all of you. tugster