Tuesday, August 07, 2007

If I had known, I would have waved harder.

Monday, in a much strange alignment of the planets we had a day off. Together. And Dosha was with us too! These things rarely happen and when they do, we try to get on to doing something fun as we must milk things for the fun bits wherever we can.

We took the sailboat out for a toot in the afternoon. Fighting against the tide and not a great deal of wind we hoisted the sails and headed out to the Straight of Georgia where we could
see the wind. OK, maybe three knots. With a gust. Not that any of us really cared that there was wind, we were just pleased to be out and doing something in the sunshine and doing it in no hurry too.

Along for the ride were the Karens, Roger, Mr. Billyard (who's moved back in again...yea!) his girlfriend Joanne and pooch Libby. Also Dosha's cousin Melissa from Pullalup, WA. She was the chief instigator of all of it, as over the weekend had overcome her fear of boats and really, really wanted to go sailing.

Local billionaire Jim Pattison has a bonny yacht called the Nova Spirit. I have taken pictures of it from time to time but somehow I miss getting pics of it up on the blog.

So when it sailed by us yesterday I took another picture. Apparently he had Oprah on board as she caused quite a stir in the news up in Alert Bay over the weekend. If we only knew we probably would have waved at them a little bit harder.


rob said...

Hi T ! you have been busy with the boat? its looking great now, very different tothe first photos I saw of her

bowiechick said...

Well a month or so ago there was a flurry of activity and I took pics but the internet went down and I never got around to posting new pics. Other stuff happened. And while it looks much better it still needs lots of work. Like everything else.

rob said...

Thats the joys of boating eh? :o))loads of "rountuits" need to be actioned, given time!