Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Progress in the neighbourhood

We'd been a bit worried that the new SkyTrain Bridge for the expansion of the Canada line that is crossing the western tip of Mitchell Island wasn't going to be tall enough for the Dos Amores mast to clear it. We thought in typical Canadian fashion someone forgot to check the heights of the neighbouring bridges and we'd have to do this great journey up to New Westminster and out the South arm of the Fraser and out at Steveston to get out into the chuck.

(Looking east up the Fraser with Mitchell Island on the left and the new span coming into the right side from Richmond)

Well, they got it right and when Greig, Dave 1 and Rhianna brought the Lucky 7 up, it cleared with a couple of feet to spare. Whew!

So any sojourns out to the chuck will happen on the lowest part of the outgoing tide and we should make it under all three bridges without too much trouble.

(Part of the new span coming across from Richmond on the south shore of the North arm of the Fraser near River Rock Casino)


rob said...

Nice pics once again! just look at that sky. I guess the brige won`t be finished for a while? some construction though, does the train go through the lower tunnel part?

bowiechick said...

Ooops...Sorry Rob. Made a new link to this major infrastructure project. If you hover your mouse over the map on the spot marked Bridgeport and go up slightly to the right that spot of land in the middle of the river is the western tip of Mitchell Island and that is the section they are working on.

This project has been a big nightmare both traffic wise and for some local business. Some had to entirely relocate or shut down because of it. Cambie Street is a major thoroughfare and now it is so inaccessible people are avoiding it like the plague.

Ah..all for the Olympics in 2010.

rob said...

Thanks for that Tana!
I guess "nothing good comes easy"? I bet house prices will increase as the access gets better, and of course there are oportunities to fill your bay with floating cabins ready for the games?

Shame that businesses have to re-locate because of it though, "Collateral damage" I guess the planners would say (my pet hate, planners, always do too much too late, Haemmerhoids!!!):o))