Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rhianna found a herself boat too!

Yup - a free boat.

Last week on the craigslist, Rhianna found a free boat. Now let me couch this with the fact that Rhianna doesn't live in our little compound. She has a life and home beyond us and just happens to date the Mad Canadian. She/they are building a blog for Dave's boat house here.

We assisted in the quest for said dreamboat over the weekend in between shifts and cruises. In the end, tied up for a short time out against in English Bay with the Dos Amores. However, a swell-y day in the bay proved to much for the cautious one and our intrepid Captain decided to shuttle the Lucky 7 up the river to the yacht club. Thus, overnighter was in order. I trumped his crew, Rhianna, Dave and Evil Mark down to meet him after work.

They brought it back up the river and I guess it was a bit dodgy coming around Wreck Beach at 2am as there were some mighty swells and no moon to speak of.

The Dos Amores is not charging her batteries, in spite of the fact they are brand new and so Greig is going to put a Colinator on it. A Colinator, aka alternator, is his name for these alternators that his friend Colin builds; they are simple and bullet proof apparently.

Here is the tale of the Lucky 7 in Rhianna's own words. There is a lovely picture in her slideshow of the Attessa, owned by Dennis Washington of Seaspan/WMG. #16 of longest yachts in the world she too has a hot tub. On the swim grid tho. So very pretty it is. It has a helipad like the Bowie's too! Oh ya, not that you'd want to land a heli on our deck yet but you could one day.

And so, because no good deed goes unpunished, we're spreadin' the insanity of this boat building/renovating thang on and on and on and on...

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Jamie said...

Keep spreading the madness, darlin'! If you don't, who will? You guys make me laugh every single day...J