Thursday, August 09, 2007

There is something thing about marinas and boats...

What is it about boats and marinas that attracts such extreme elements social dysfunction?

We see the gamut from alcoholism, drug addictions, mental and personality disorders from schizophrenia, obessive compulsive, to extreme anti-social behaviour and others who are just pure and simply utter a**holes?

Is it something solely to do with marinas?

Is it the water itself that makes it some great equalizer? Is it because we are made of water and that it is so highly concentrated within ourselves and somehow these things are connected? Is it that the marina is just a highly concentrated snapshot of society itself and so all these social dysfunctions become much more readily apparent given the fact we are perpetually floating on an acidic substance? I know these things are there in "regular" life. It can't be solely because of the "alternative" lifestyle. Living on a boat is not a new thing. People have been doing it for a while.

Perhaps it is that, as much as people want to be on the water, we just aren't built with gills and so we aren't supposed to be there as much as we are attracted to it and are so emotionally drawn to it?

So why, or why is it, that all of the freaks and nutbars have a way of finding ME? I am hardly that special to deserve such an "honour." I smile at babies, I signal when changing lanes, I cue up patiently even though knowing when I pick the Express Lane at the supermarket it will actually be the slowest lane. I get along well with my co-workers and I like puppies too.

Where the hell is that Darwin fellow when you need him and what is this crap about "survival of the fittest?" If that were true, really, really true, then there is no way these screwballs would ever make it out of the primordial ooze and find a way to bug me and waste my time.

Honest to Pete! Some people's kids!

A former roommate, who was removed some months ago, has been sniffing around again. He's a inveterate liar and just generally in need of being scooped up into the loony bin. I dunno, pulling your old caddy in front of the gate and turning it into an alter, to me, is a cry for help. Call ME crazy. But that is crazy on a stick!

And Greig wonders why it exhausts me so. We just have very little time, nor the skills to deal with that kinda crazy. Oh I know it exhausts him too. I just am not so niave to think that I can actually "fix" them where he thinks he is in a postion to effect some positive change in some of these people. So for all the time we are actually trying to fix boats, to live on, most of the time we are in fact busy wiping asses.

"Diaper wipe?" is my new catch phrase these days. Thanks goodness my parents understand why they don't have grandchildren from me because they realize I am so busy parenting a whack of "grown-ups." I think children would be easier quite frankly.

Oh Honey...


rob said...

Wow thats some "Rant" Go for it!:o))

Jelaina said...

I've been cursing all sorts of dumb people this week. I have written on several pieces of paper:

"I am NOT a glorified babysitter..."

hang in there. when in doubt, go for a paintball gun. you can then mark the idiots for the rest of the world to beware.

much love.

Jamie said...

Perhaps marinas even drive sane people off the edge? (Just trying to explain Greg's continued peculiar behavior) I'm with you, lady ~ we'll just keep behaving rationally, courteously, and sensibly! Ummm...your new slide show thing? Yeah, makes me motion sick. But then I can't watch 3D video games either...

Stay sane, love!

bowiechick said...

Thanks guys!

Sorry you're not down with my slide show Jamie! But it is so eaassyyy!

Jel: we were thinking a potato gun would work swell too.