Friday, August 17, 2007

We're feeling pretty devastated around here

Well, as it turned out I came home to some very sad news.

This is Dave 3, aka Flash. Dave moved in a couple of months ago as a temporary measure. He was waiting to move into a house he just bought in the Surrey area. He was self employed and had his own 5-ton truck contracting and doing deliveries for companies like Sears and Ikea.

Thursday, at 8:30pm, there was a very bad accident on the Granville Street Bridge. I read it on-line on CBC news this morning and thought it a horrible scene.

I came home after work yesterday and Donovan, who has his own boat here and has worked with Flash from time to time was lamenting how he had been unable to get in touch with him all day. They were supposed to work together that morning.

About a half hour later, Evil Mark's brother Chris showed up to let me know that Mark had been in a terrible accident and wouldn't be home for a few days.

"What accident?" I asked of his brother Chris.

"Well, you probably heard about it in the news today," he replied.

"Not the one on the Granville bridge where the driver was killed," I asked.

"Yes," he asked

"Oh god, Flash. Flash must have been the driver killed" I thought. Donovan can't reach him and that just isn't like Flash. He is so solid and spot on reliable. " Oh, God, no. How is Mark? What can you tell me?"

The accident had occurred around 8:30 Thursday night. They had to use the Jaws of life to get them out. My calls to the Vancouver Police about it haven't been returned as their policy is to not release information pending notification of next of kin. But we're sure it was Dave. Mark had a crushed spine, blood in his lungs and was on a ventilator. He's had spinal surgery yesterday afternoon but the surgeons thought he would be OK. Time will tell. Hopefully they will let us see him soon.

I am frustrated as I have dropped the ball on one of my 'round tuit' lists. I try to maintain an emergency contact list for all who live here in case something happens. I was going to update it again this weekend. And I have no information on his family at all. Of course, the mailbox on his cell phone is full.

So for all the freaks and drunks and pains in the butts who stumble across our path, we find gems like Dave Franey. He made an impact in our lives. He will be sorely missed.


rob said...

So sorry to hear of your loss! My thoughts are with you at this time of great sadness :o((

Jelaina said...

I'm so sorry. Much love and hugs.

Tim Zim said...

Sorry to hear about this.

Life seems so unfair.

bowiechick said...

Thanks all. Life happens when you're busy making plans. We forget how fragile it can all be.

Jamie said...

Oy, woman. Such a week you have had. My sympathies and hugs to you & crew.

IsmilebecauseIhavenoideawhatsgoingon said...

Oh shit. Awful. My sympathies to you all.

rodeo Princess said...

A year or so late, but I am still sad for you. Hope you have found comfort in time passing.