Thursday, September 06, 2007


As in the town of Hope, BC actually. Last weekend we were trying to get beyond Hope*, but as we were pulling in to a gas station fill up our "new" suburban, the transmission packed it in.

This last minute trip was a bit of a mad dash to get off to Trail to see my dad who'd taken ill. Thankfully, Karen 1 was happy to make the 2.25 hour drive to come and rescue us and we ended up just leaving the Suburban in Hope and coincidentally, opposite the GM dealership. So while we waited for her...

We've had a bit of a devil with cars lately. Should we put money into the creampuff, my 1983 Benz that I've become a bit attached to? I know its issues and prefer the devil I know where Leni, the Benz is concerned. Greig had found another Mercedes down the road at the auto wreckers but alas, the lack of a California registration was too much hassle. (This after we put it through a provincial inspection and repairs to the tune of $800.) So it would stand to reason wouldn't one think, that a 1990 Jag in need of some TLC is an appropriate alternative. Everything we OWN needs TLC and Greig can fix the mechanical quite handily, when he HAS THE TIME. We'd also picked up the Suburban last week too as often as not we are transporting more than half a dozen bodies hither and yon. Especially if the kids are here and have friends over to play with.

In light of everything in the past couple of weeks with Flash and Mark, we're taking some inventory. Life is short. It has always been a bit of contention between Greig and I that this place is WAAAYYY too much work. Individual personal pursuits have no other place but to be on a back burner. And as much as a social experiment it has been in the "pay it forward," it is not an easy way to live. Interesting for sure, but never easy. If it was just about taking care of the boats, well, I think that would be the easy part. It is the human condition that is so challenging.

I must say though my intuition for picking out sociopaths has much improved.

In spite of my misgivings all along, I believed and still believe in my oh-so-altruistic partner. I've always been impressed with his ability to look on the good side of people. Even when their bad side is right in his face and throwing their nasty karmic goo all over him; even WITH a half a dozen of us going..."Don't do it! BE CAREFUL!!!"

Yet recent events are also a prime example of strength in numbers, which is part of Greig's Grand Theory/Experiment. A few of us were able to be there for the Flash's family: to help them and to also help ourselves though a really horrible tradgedy. On the other hand it is a not so subtle reminder on the fragility of life - you only ever get today. I can't say if we've been as "there" for Mark. But he is gone from here and though he is slowly healing, we're in some ways mourning the loss of him too. Of course logically, I realize he'll come back to visit at the very least but perhaps there is some closure still required - at least for me.

All that notwithstanding, I have been Benz-less this week as I set about to getting it repaired and try to get my backside up to the interior to be with my parents. Life goes on...tickety-tock. Some days, just trying to get out the door is an exercise in frustration. Anyhow, a new radiator and my stereo back in order should stand me in good stead for the seven hour drive to, ugh, Trail. I just happens to be one of my least favorite places in the Kootenays. OK, so they produce A LOT of NHL'ers and calls itself the City of Champions. (That is hockey champions to you foreigners.) That and Cominco is it's claim to fame.

So I am off to the City of Champions to see my Dad, now post-op, and hope the drive will be nice and uneventful and that I can be of some moral support. Gee...what a poor old Dad has to do to get his little girl to visit him eh?

* As a child, growing up in the southeastern corner of British Columbia, there was a saying, usually to slag Vancouverites. "Anything beyond Hope (BC) is beyond hope."

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rob said...

A really great post, Tana ! I hope your Dad is OK and recovering well. You are right this isn`t a rehersal this is the real thing, you only get one chance take it and strangle it. back to the old Mark Twain Quote

"Twenty years from now you will be more dissapointed by the things you didnt do, than by the ones you do. So throw in the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbour, Catch the trade winds in your sail, Explore, Dream, Discover" Mark Twain.