Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I am getting there

Home again, and feeling pretty wiped I don't have much energy to blog about the goings on of late. I feel like some how I have been sleep walking and volunteering for this clever fella. I had a good laugh over this funny ad on the Best of the Craigslist.



rob said...

Good that you are back, hope all went well! The ass kick machine looks fun though the stiletto looks lethal (sucks air deeply!) As for "the best of"? Boy do I have a lot to learn :o))

Jamie said...

Thank God you still have time for the Best Of CL ~ there remains some semblance of a downtime in that case (even if it's just sneaked in like a guilty secret). And here I thought I was the only peculiar person I know that prowls that part of the site...there are many reasons I adore you, girlfriend!