Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's like living on a Tilt-a-whirl, but without the cotton candy

Well, it is 2:24am and as I type, I am sitting at my desk at least a 20 degree tilt. I woke up to a couple of thumps, notwithstanding the severe angle to which the bed was listing.

I had gotten up as there were a couple of things that I heard falling over only to discover the downstairs toilet running on and on. Worried that it would eventually make a big mess, I shut the valve off at the bottom and drained the tank, just in case.

My galley cupboard doors came open but nothing has fallen out. I'd hate to be be cleaning up balsamic vinegar and olive oil off my floor.

I carefully climbed the spiral staircase to the loft. Geez this is a bitch to scale on a list like this. I hear a drip, drip, drip....

The upstairs toilet is leaking from the connection at the bottom of the tank. At first I thought because of the angle it was leaking from under the lid but it didn't feel like that at all. Maybe it was draining out from the back and down to that spot. Whatever, I turned off the valve but not without an inadvertent commotion, freaking Greig out who was managing to sleep in spite of the crazy angle. Maybe it is leaking from the handle.

(Apparently I was violently hucking crap across the room).

And then there was small thunk. "I think that was the plywood leaning up against the wall," he said.

Then came the REALLY big thunk. Out of the bed like shot he went, with me on his heels to see that the dining room table had slid across the galley into the cupboards on the starboard side. The dish rack had slid off the counter and across the floor, contents also dumped. No broken glass at least. We threw everything back into the sink and put on shoes and I armed myself with my camera. (It is lousy with night shots - I should give this thing to the kids).

Greig had put in a new finger of a dock between Dave and I today, which has pushed the bow of this a bit further into shore and more onto the beach. Apparently it is coming back out tomorrow. Oops.

All this dock moving is in preparation as the Port Authority is going to be dredging the slough. By accounts should be done by Christmas time we're told. All the squawking up and down the river from this spring's floods apparently has facilitated this project.

Anyhow the starboard engine on this boat is still in place. Greig yanked the port one last Christmas. Both were long seized but Greig hasn't gotten around to pulling out the starboard and placing a cover up where the leg was to seal that compartment. It has been on his "list". In the meantime I do have a pump that comes on regularly and it is currently having a hard time keeping up. So we're up to wait this one out. He says it is gushing through that spot now.

It is just that starboard engine compartment. I am not going to sink as it is all sealed off. Still, it is a pain and we'll have to address this soon.

Ah well, thank goodness my hull is steel. I think I need a snack.

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rob said...

Wow! my thoughts are with you both as you sort this out.
Take care!